The Bug Ranch

We headed west last spring, a pilgrimage of sorts, the Pacific Ocean whispering sweet nothings in my ear, “I know you love the Atlantic….

…but I have a lot to offer as well!”

How could I say no?

While finalizing plans, it was obvious that exploring some of the sights along the iconic Route 66 was imperative. We had gotten a taste of it at the The Cadillac Ranch and The Big Texan, on prior trips, and thoroughly relished each experience. Besides, the primary cost would be a few minutes of our time (and we always start out on our journeys with plenty of that!).

Since we are natives of Conway, Arkansas, it was only natural that our first stop should be Conway, Texas. Located 16.5 miles west of Groom, and 29 miles east of Amarillo, it is the home of the Slug Bug Ranch.

Located on the property of an abandoned gas station and souvenir shop, the Slug Bug Ranch (or Bug Ranch for short) was a last attempt by the owner to woo customers away from the shiny new Love’s Station across the street. He noticed the growing popularity of the Cadillac Ranch to the west, and decided for a more economical option in the form of five Volkswagen Beetles.

Sad to say, the idea failed to be fruitful, and the business was closed. However, the Bugs remain, and always appreciate a warm welcome and a new coat of paint. The buildings don’t seem to mind either! Actually, a crafty entrepreneur was selling spray paint out of a trailer in the parking lot between the gas station and the souvenir shop the day we visited!

The property is not posted, but caution should be taken when going in and out of the buildings. Broken glass, splintery boards and rusty nails were laying around in abundance!

Visible from I-40, the Slug Bug Ranch is found right off exit 96.


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