Seligman Arizona

The town was empty, as was our tank, but anticipation overflowed as we cruised down Route 66. Like many of its neighbors, Seligman is a town with character.

Character was definitely abundant in the Rusty Bolt.

Drawn by the icons that flanked the second floor, we took the bait and crossed the threshold. The woman at the counter was silent and sullen; perhaps her mood was brought on by an unfavorable report blaring from the television perched behind the sales counter.

Whatever the case, we proceeded on sans greeting, exploring what we found to be a labyrinth of small rooms filled with artifacts and merchandise glorifying the heydays of Route 66. Every inch of real estate was covered. Toys and pictures were exhibited on the walls above, while below, racks of memorabilia – t-shirts, coffee mugs, spoons, shot glasses – were displayed, strategically enticing visitors to take home a small keepsake. A combination museum/gift shop, it was a delightful step back in time.

Spending the better part of a half hour there, Kurt felt somewhat obligated to make a small purchase. A glossy black coffee mug with a Route 66 map caught his eye. Taking the treasure to the sales counter, I hastened to make eye contact with the saleslady, and smiling, I doubled down on my southern twang, “Yew have a wuunnderful place! I’m soooo glad we stopped!”

Grumbling, she took my card. I guess she had heard my shtick before.

But not one to back down from a challenge, I tried one last time as she handed me the bag. “Thaynk yew! Have a fa-un-tastic day!”

As the bag reached my hand, I’m almost positive I saw a modest glimmer behind those bifocals.

I’ll classify that as a win!


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