Let’s Talk About Feet

So now it’s time to talk about feet.

Running had always been effortless for me. Lacing up even the most worn pair of shoes in the closet, I could exit my driveway and clip off five or six miles without a second thought. Warm up was really something that was not super necessary. The “Runner’s Zone” was a constant friend and ally.

However, sometime in the late 20-teens, my relationship with running changed. The best description of what went wrong is that my left foot began to curl; it felt like the toes were wadded up in a ball. It was initially shocking and annoying. When I ran with someone, we would have to go slow until my foot “flattened out”.

After an internet search, I diagnosed myself with a hammertoe. There was some indication that this condition is hereditary, and the fact that my mother, grandmother and aunt were gifted with this impairment seemed to confirm that observation. Yay us!

Left to Right: Auntie Anna, Uncle Richard, Mom Center: Grandma at 100 years.

I went to a podiatrist. She recommended surgery. We were self employed at the time, and surgery would have cost a small fortune.

My mom suggested orthotic inserts. Though they are helpful to some, my results were less than rewarding. My right hip and lower back were constantly screaming, “What the hell woman! Take those shoes off!”

Needless to say I humbly obeyed their pleas.

Around the same time, my daughter began acupuncture treatment. “Why don’t you try that?’

Ugh. I hate needles.


“Deep breath. Put on your big girl panties and go.” I coached.

I was shocked with the results. Although it was not fully corrected, after only a few sessions, my foot felt more “normal” than it had in months.

Needles can be our friends.

Though this was a positive outcome, it didn’t occur to me that my foot problem and my arm problem could be related.

That realization was for another day.


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