It was June 2021, and, to my surprise, this journey had just begun in spite of the fact that I had met more folks in the medical field that year than I had in the previous 50+ years. So, after walking into numerous doctor’s offices, undergoing three hellish MRIs, working with two different physical therapists coupled with a six month wait, I was led to a neurologist who needed a refresher course in beside manner.

“You have Parkinson’s.”

Having just met him ten minutes prior to the diagnosis, I looked at him square in the eye, “How do you know?”

Almost insulted that I would question the wisdom bestowed upon me from his lofty perch of education, experience and intelligence, he smirked, “I just know.”

Instructions and recommendations were spewed as if this was no more important than the daily specials at our favorite Conway restaurant, O’Malley’s. After giving me the business card to his side gig, a tire store that boasted the best prices and friendly service, he turned on his heel and rushed out, as if hanging with me a moment longer would be nothing shy of a waste of time.

My mind was spinning as the nurse compassionately handed me my appointment card, the words “I’m sorry” unspoken, but were expressed in her countenance and mannerisms. I held my breath as I encountered an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair entering as I was exiting, a possible glimpse into my future. I continued said action down the elevator and out the door.

With haste, I navigated the numerous roundabouts that led me to Kurt’s office parking lot. After unloading tears of grief, anguish and fear, I realized the time on that particular Thursday afternoon was nearing 2:00. I had to go.

I had a date with Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Diagnosis

  1. So this week this almost same thing happend to my husband . We don’t have all testing done yet . Can you tell me about that ?


    1. When I was at the neurologist, he asked me to do a few basic tasks with my hands. I walked for him, and I did a very brief memory test. Seriously, it took less than 15 minutes. He did want me to get an MRI of my brain. On my second- and last – appointment with him, he really didn’t comment on it except that since I had never had an MRI, he couldn’t tell if the brain was functioning less than what it had been when I was younger or not.

      I have since been seeing a movement disorder specialist, but even on my first visit with him there was no testing.

      I hope I answered your question.


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