As previously stated, I had a date with Jesus.

Not to get too “churchy”, but I think this needs an explanation. In the Catholic Church, we believe in the Divine Presence of the Bread and Wine, i.e., the bread, or little white hosts, and wine become Jesus’s body and blood in a miraculous event known as Transubstantiation. In our chapel, Christ is displayed in an ornately beautiful vessel called a monstrance. Every hour on the hour, seven days a week, someone is in the chapel with Him.

2:00 on Thursday was my hour at that time.

How very fortunate for me that I had a place to go. I mean, I love my house, but information such as this, coupled with that ever accessible tool we affectionately call Google, is potential fuel to the fire also known as my anxious ridden mind, a symptom of 40% of Parkinson’s patients, I have since learned.

I was struck mute. I had no words. All lofty thoughts were replaced by visions of a future filled with a total lack of control of my body, a horrible concept for a lifelong runner, outdoor enthusiast and fitness freak.

The chapel was quiet and dark, the only sources of light being the altar candles, the prayer candles, and a single beam focused on the monstrance. Taking a pew near the altar, my shoulders heaved in despair, my mind pleading to the Wonderful Counselor, “No! Why? How?”

In spite of the elderly couple behind me, I sobbed openly, abandoning all pretense of holiness and devotion: letting go.

Which is exactly where God wanted me.

All tears expended, I had a couple of thoughts. I like to think it was Divine Inspiration.

Number One, stay off the internet. Google is not your friend right now, well, unless you’re looking for the best restaurant in the Little Rock Heights or a wonderful trail on the Buffalo River.

Number Two, believe you will get direction. Listen for direction. You are not alone.


2 thoughts on “Guidance

  1. Sandra, i am thankful you know whose hands are holding you today and everyday. Prayers for this new journey. In Christ, Kathy ________________________________


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