Throwback Thursday – Delicate Arch

When Kurt suggested that we hike the Delicate Arch Trail, I truly didn’t realize the significance of this sandstone structure.  However, as we entered the practically full parking lot, and gazed upon numerous visitors embarking on the 1.5 mile uphill trek, the anticipation of observing something pretty incredible took hold! Since it was mid afternoon, … More Throwback Thursday – Delicate Arch

The Rock

Like a stagnant stone Sinking deep in the mire She settled into mediocrity Cold Clammy Murky The grey haze stirred By passersby Blinding the already blind And yet The Mire It was soft It was safe And yet It was so cold It was so clammy And so so murky A desperate child Craving a … More The Rock

Practice: Part 2

My neighbors, Mr. Bob and Mrs. Agnes, gave me several iris bulbs some years ago.  It was one of the numerous things that they shared with me, along with plums, tomatoes, strawberries, honey, and even vanilla. To be quite honest, the list seems infinite. More importantly,  we spent precious time most every spring and summer … More Practice: Part 2

Practice: Part 1

Springtime has been a little fickle in Arkansas, but last week Mother Nature received a gold star!  Sore from several hours of yard work, I decided to ditch the rake, shovel and hoe one night for my camera, spending time in practice. Dave was a great subject, surprisingly content to calmly sit in the backyard, … More Practice: Part 1