Throw Back Thursday – Dawn

May you awaken each day With eager anticipation To uncover the many wonders Of His extraordinary creation. May your eyes be open May awareness abound Noting gifts large and small That exist all around. May your appreciation Of these favors Keep you steadfast in knowing That Love never waivers.

The Glory Hole

Spring 2017 gifted the River Valley with an abundance of rain, perfect for those interested in waterfall hunting. After a bit of recollecting, we realized that five years had passed since our trek down the Glory Hole Trail. That’s far too long. So late one Sunday afternoon in April, Kurt and I bade the kids … More The Glory Hole

Throw Back Thursday – Dogwood Canyon

Branson, Missouri is a very popular getaway for many people I know.  If polled on the activities they enjoy while there, I am almost certain numerous answers would be given, including Silver Dollar City, outlet mall shopping, shows, the Branson Belle, and Branson Landing.  If asked about my favorite activity, I would, without hesitation, wholeheartedly say, … More Throw Back Thursday – Dogwood Canyon