Supermoon Set

A supermoon is an event that takes place when a new or full moon, traveling on its elliptical orbit, approaches Earth at the closest point possible, thus making it appear a whopping 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal.  Many came out at sunset, or “moonrise”, to observe this phenomenon, but Kurt, thinking a bit out … More Supermoon Set

Supermoon Date

Sometimes the best dates are spontaneous, unplanned, with little expectations other than sharing an experience with good company.  Such a date occurred a few months ago, thanks to the supermoon! On the days prior to November 14th, which, according to the folks at NASA, was to be noted as a date when the moon approach was at … More Supermoon Date

Council Oaks Park

A champion towers over a small, unassuming park on North Front Street in Dardanelle, Arkansas.  With a circumference of 255 inches, this white oak has been designated the champion, the biggest of its kind in Arkansas. At an estimated 400-500 years of age, it has stood the test of time, and is thought to have … More Council Oaks Park

Backyard Chair

A tired old friend Waits patiently For a willing body To accompany him In the wonderful pastime Of savoring the bounty Of the garden…

Flash Back Friday – Winter Hike at Penhook Hollow

The Illinois Bayou, located north of Hector on Highway 27, is a popular stream for floating and fishing.  It’s also a great place to find waterfalls.  On a chilly day in January, we struck out for Penhook Hollow, located north of Hector on Highway 27. Kurt had read about a series of waterfalls found there, … More Flash Back Friday – Winter Hike at Penhook Hollow

The Wedding

On a bright day in January They embarked on an endeavor Today would mark the beginning Of a new forever There was a buzz in the air As preparations were completed Put up the dog, decorate the cake Greet the guests; help them get seated! But in spite of the frenzy There was happiness in the air Laughter … More The Wedding