Keys View

Always game for a scenic overlook, I was excited to find that Joshua Tree National Park was home to Keys View where landmarks such as Coachella Valley, the San Andreas Fault and the Salton Sea are visible. On clear days, Mexico’s Signal Mountain, approximately 90 miles away, is visible. Located 21 miles south of the … More Keys View

The Desert

“I don’t see the desert as barren at all; I see it as full and ripe. It doesn’t need to be flattered with rain. It certainly needs rain, but it does with what it has, and creates amazing beauty.” – Joy Harjo.

Joshua Tree Memorial

In spite of the expense and grief ridden decision making process, funerals are fairly cut and dry quiet affairs; thoughtful and loving farewells to family and friends hopefully resting in peace. Logically then, the story of Gram Parsons’ should have ended with his death in Room 8 of the Joshua Tree Inn. For those who … More Joshua Tree Memorial

Gram Memorabilia

One thing that is not lacking at the Joshua Tree Inn is Gram Parson Memorabilia. It seems as if many have stopped by for a moment, an hour, or a night, leaving kind words or small trinkets of gratitude; paying homage to a talent that was swept away too soon. This memory board is tacked … More Gram Memorabilia

Seligman Arizona

The town was empty, as was our tank, but anticipation overflowed as we cruised down Route 66. Like many of its neighbors, Seligman is a town with character. Character was definitely abundant in the Rusty Bolt. Drawn by the icons that flanked the second floor, we took the bait and crossed the threshold. The woman … More Seligman Arizona

The Watchman

With AmbitionAnd ExhibitionThe WatchmanExecutes his commission The World SettingOn Broad ShouldersHe’s RepleteWith MissionTo Seek The GeekThe FreakThe ChicUsing AttractionOr DistractionHe Draws in A FactionWith MotivationAnd FascinationWithout HesitationCompensationTranspiresAs the tillInside AcquiresBills or PlasticFor BaublesAnd Beads100% GuaranteedTo ExceedEvery Desire.

Fellow Sojourner

He was ruddy and a bit unkempt, but willing to make our acquaintance. Unfettered by the trappings of a traditional American life, his quest was for meaning and purpose. At the outset, the topics of our conversation ranged from travels, to his dog, named Duck, to family. And then, a connection was made. He had … More Fellow Sojourner

Taking the Train

His family immigrated to the United States, fleeing violence caused by the Mexican Revolution. Born in 1912 in a cave on this side of the Texas border, my grandfather, Sixto Zubiate, was a confident, industrious man who seemingly responded to adversity as an opportunity for growth. With little more than a fourth grade education and … More Taking the Train