We have been experiencing Summer’s last surge, with temps hovering in the mid 90’s for the past couple of weeks. It is OPPRESSIVE, so much so, that I’ve been daydreaming about what’s to come, hopefully optimistic that the beauty and cool, crispness of Fall is just around the corner!

Vibrant Confection

They set out early about once a month – Dad, Son, Daughter – on a “Let’s Give Mom a Break Adventure.”  Breakfast was usually involved: fluffy pancakes, thick, rich maple syrup, a strip or two of crisp bacon, and lots of coffee for Dad.  Cracker Barrel was a favorite since it had the trifecta of … More Vibrant Confection


Being married to a civil engineer for more than thirty years has led to an affinity for bridges.  Bridges are strong, welcoming, and most times, beautiful structures that are built to assist. This image of the Edward Moss Gatliff Bridge, located at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky, captured my attention today, directing my thoughts on the … More Bridges

Learning to Walk

I wouldn’t label Granny Baldwin as slow, unhurried seems like the more appropriate term.  And for some reason, even as a child, when in her presence, I soaked up her calm aura like a thirsty sponge, a sponge hardened with restlessness and anxiety. Fortunate to receive a formal education, this former elementary school teacher had the … More Learning to Walk

Sweet Sweet Summer

Most believe that the end of Labor Day Weekend marks the end of summer.  With temperatures hovering near the mid-90’s, possibly through the end of the month, this is not the case in Arkansas.  Therefore, children in these parts will possibly be caught daydreaming about nights and weekends spent leaping into the cool, crystal waters … More Sweet Sweet Summer