Pigs Flying in Canada!

Titled “Pigs Flying Out of Rubble,” this quirky mural is located in downtown Canmore.  More interesting is the fact that it is the creation of Canmore’s mayor, John Borrowman.  When asked what inspired him, he merely quoted Lewis Carroll: “The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– … More Pigs Flying in Canada!

Another Turquoise Tuesday – Lake Minnewanka

Although a little less intense in color, due to the vast, peaceful setting that I encountered, Lake Minnewanka was soon dubbed my favorite attraction.  Located about 3 miles north of Banff, this glacier fed lake was named “Lake of the Spirits”, or “Mini-waki” by the Nakoda (Stoney)  Tribe, an indigenous people who lived in the … More Another Turquoise Tuesday – Lake Minnewanka


We have been experiencing Summer’s last surge, with temps hovering in the mid 90’s for the past couple of weeks. It is OPPRESSIVE, so much so, that I’ve been daydreaming about what’s to come, hopefully optimistic that the beauty and cool, crispness of Fall is just around the corner!

Vibrant Confection

They set out early about once a month – Dad, Son, Daughter – on a “Let’s Give Mom a Break Adventure.”  Breakfast was usually involved: fluffy pancakes, thick, rich maple syrup, a strip or two of crisp bacon, and lots of coffee for Dad.  Cracker Barrel was a favorite since it had the trifecta of … More Vibrant Confection