Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful, so thankful For small gifts that come my way Encouraging me to live In the moment, in today. Like a radiant smile Or words of affirmation A great story imparting wisdom An uplifting conversation. I’m thankful, so thankful For abundant beauty, inside and out Reveling in its many forms Is what life is all about. … More Happy Thanksgiving!

Bill and Rosie

From a distance, over the lush, knobby hillside near the North Point Lighthouse, they came into view:  an elderly gentleman and his gorgeous white lab.  Genuinely touched by his unhurried gait and the calm, gentle mannerisms towards his canine, I just had to take a chance. “That man looks really cool.  We need to take … More Bill and Rosie

Downtown Milwaukee

This small town girl always gets a thrill when given the opportunity to stroll around a big city!  Downtown Milwaukee did not disappoint!  Numerous old buildings lined the streets, seemingly in very good condition, which indicates that historic preservation is a priority. The trail along the Milwaukee River was adorned with beautiful flower baskets and … More Downtown Milwaukee