Pink Happiness

During these sultry summer days, I wake before the dawn, put on a brave face, and ease my body on down the road.  About half a mile into a sweat drenched slog, I look to my left, rewarded with a jovial salutation painted on bright pink stationery! Advertisements


A shooting star greeted me this morning as I jogged the slumber from my being, a rare and much needed pre-dawn wink from the Creator, taking me back to a glorious night in Terlingua, TX when I took a few moments to lay on my back and gaze in awe and wonder.       … More Wink

The Moon

For the past few days, Kurt has been celebrating a fond childhood memory and a milestone in American History:  the first lunar landing. It seems only fitting to share a photo of January’s Lunar Eclipse in light of Apollo 11’s triumph fifty years ago.

Mrs. Jo

A few months shy of ten years old when we met, I was a wiggly, energetic youngster who was destined to become her next Beethoven, lured there by my momma’s promise of the newest gadget on the market at that time, a Timex Digital Watch. Anxious about meeting new adults, I slowly opened the door … More Mrs. Jo


The Jeffrey children were full of personality, as the pictures depict! In spite of the sultry Arkansas weather, these kids were very willing participants.  The only problem was getting them to participate in sync!