Tucumcari Murals

I had read somewhere on the internet that Tucumcari is fast becoming known as the “City of Murals”. So we set out like kids at an Easter Egg Hunt, searching for some ginormous works of art. Since many are scattered on and near Route 66, locating them took very little effort! In fact, one of … More Tucumcari Murals


The Bug Ranch

We headed west last spring, a pilgrimage of sorts, the Pacific Ocean whispering sweet nothings in my ear, “I know you love the Atlantic…. …but I have a lot to offer as well!” How could I say no? While finalizing plans, it was obvious that exploring some of the sights along the iconic Route 66 … More The Bug Ranch


Claps of ThunderWhistling WindRustling LeavesThe Crunch of Snow A Cat’s PurrA Cricket’s ChirpA Bird’s SongBuzzing Bees A Musician’s AriaA Cantor’s PsalmA Brush on CanvasA Camera’s Click Passionate KissesLaughterAndDancingYour Whisper in My EarIsThe Sound of Heaven Touching Earth


One gratuitous clickLeads to a thousand thoughtsDown the Rabbit Hole called TimeOr HistoryA carefree walk in CaliforniaOr a dog walk with neighborsOr a sudsy toddler’s bathOr a pizza/movie dateOr water skiing at duskOr riding bikes in the yardOr basking in the safety of my mother’s arms.

Taking a Hike

August 6th is a day very near and dear to my heart. When I was a kid, I knew it was the day that my Grandpa Sixto would call and sing happy birthday to himself over the phone. After his slightly off key self serenade, he would laugh and exclaim, “I love you my Sweet … More Taking a Hike