Lessons in Romance

Some Arkansas husbands are Razorback Football fanatics, donned in cardinal and white, able to withstand the fickle fall climate which can vary from sultry heat to arctic chill, relishing in the chance to do nothing more than call the Hogs as a twenty something running back takes the old pigskin past the goal line. Some … More Lessons in Romance


Milky Way

While walking Dave the other morning before sunrise, my gaze turned upward, and it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen stars in awhile. February 2021 saw abundant precipitation in many forms; clouds taking a dominant stance in the skies of Conway, as well as most of the Natural State. For a moment, I was … More Milky Way

Rainbow Stairs

Someone once wrote that, “The job of an artist is to offer a sanctuary of beauty to an ugly world.” I’m not sure that I would call all of the world ugly, but it is always refreshing to see how artists can create extraordinary from ordinary. Numerous examples of this are found in Eureka Springs, … More Rainbow Stairs


It’s been cold in Arkansas. Super cold. Like I’m not stepping a toe outside cold. Like literally our world has stopped cold. Like it hasn’t been this cold since 1899, according to a Tweet from the National Weather Service. So for an outdoor exerciser, this can pose a problem. Luckily, I have been recently introduced … More Smile

Al Capp Quotes

Today’s younger generation is no worse than my own. We were just as ignorant and repulsive as they are, but nobody listened to us. The secret of how to live without resentment or embarrassment in a world in which I was different from everyone else. was to be indifferent to that difference. Success is following … More Al Capp Quotes

5 Things I Have Learned About Dogpatch

The Creator of DogpatchAl Capp’s comic strip “Lil’ Abner” was the inspiration behind the theme park Dogpatch, USA. Born and raised in Connecticut, and spending his adult life in New York and Massachusetts, Capp’s graphic stories were based on  authentic mountain-dwellers he met while hitchhiking through rural West Virginia and the Cumberland Valley as a teenager. Although … More 5 Things I Have Learned About Dogpatch

Dogpatch Memories

I have vague memories of visiting Dogpatch. It was probably the summer of 1971, and it was my first and only family trip to an amusement park. Enjoying the swimming holes and back roads of Stone County, my parents were less about theme parks and more about nature parks when I was little. It was … More Dogpatch Memories