After trekking all day in the desert A hot shower A cold beverage And a tasty meal Are the things that one might dwell on. However When traffic comes to a standstill On the only road out It might be prudent To change the focus Embrace grit Grime And sweat Overlook hunger pains Don supercool … More Standstill

Devils Garden Attractions

Even though each is very unique and interesting, some may tire of arches. Fortunately, for them, arches are not the only attraction found in Devils Garden! The trail winds through gorgeous landscape that includes fins, or vertical geologic formations that develop when erosion occurs in a narrow butte, creating many parallel cracks. The Dark Angel, … More Devils Garden Attractions

Hiking Devils Garden – Landscape Arch

Sabrina took the helm as itinerary agent, choosing the exploration of Devils Garden.  Like the Windows, formations abound along the trail, which can range from 1.6 to 7.2 miles.  Feeling extra energetic, she decided that we should go for it:  7.2 miles of fantastic views, amazing wonders and interesting trail transitions, the first being Landscape … More Hiking Devils Garden – Landscape Arch

Turret Arch – Arches National Park Windows Section

Arriving at our condo with a bit daylight to burn, we headed to Arches National Park.  With plenty of short hike options at our disposal, we decided on an area that would hopefully “Wow” our kids, an area loaded with attractions no matter which direction one may choose to wander. For us, the obvious selection was The … More Turret Arch – Arches National Park Windows Section