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Rainbow Stairs

Someone once wrote that, “The job of an artist is to offer a sanctuary of beauty to an ugly world.” I’m not sure that I would call all of the world ugly, but it is always refreshing to see how artists can create extraordinary from ordinary. Numerous examples of this are found in Eureka Springs, … More Rainbow Stairs


It’s hard these days to even consider the possibility of harnessing good luck, due to the fact that life, as we know it, has drastically changed. Comings and goings are clouded with an air of caution; tension, a familiar, yet unwelcome guest, pervades.   Because I have been given the wherewithal to prevail when faced with … More Luck


I’m a sucker for trees. Big trees, small trees, evergreens, deciduous, it doesn’t matter.  I am an equal opportunity tree hugger.   My miniscule front yard boasts an old Southern Magnolia, a redbud and a ginormous crepe myrtle, the trifecta of hardy blooms greeting my gaze towards the heavens.  It’s absolutely delightful. Although there’s not too … More Hope


My senses reel at the sight of it:  a high pitched hum coupled with an aroma that would both curl hair and annihilate any rodent within a half mile radius of what was affectionately known as Mrs. Charlene’s Beauty Salon. From sunup to sundown, this petite fireball cut, washed, permed, frosted and colored countless heads … More Beauty

Animal Farm

Having the luxury of time on our hands early in July, we decided to get lost on the back roads in Yell County, Arkansas, somewhere between Dardanelle and New Blaine, north of Highway 22.  A little anxious as to our whereabouts after rolling along in the dust for an hour or so, I pulled out … More Animal Farm