Throwback Thursday – Morning Glory at Maroon Bells

We got up well before Dawn’s Early Light even considered unraveling itself from that wonderful deep slumber that comes when the crisp mountain air couples with the hum of native nocturnals getting about the business of life. Yes, it was that early. We were certainly not the first ones there.  A large crowd of cars began … More Throwback Thursday – Morning Glory at Maroon Bells

Buckskin Pass

Perseverance comes to mind when I think about Buckskin Pass, a 9.2 mile trek that is part of the trail system at Maroon Bells.  Accurately rated as strenuous, it is truly one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding trails we have hiked.  However, by taking it slowly, making frequent (and when I say frequent, I … More Buckskin Pass

The Aspens

Colorado’s natural resources, it’s gorgeous snow capped mountains, draw many to experience the rush of racing down a powdery slope or two during the winter months; however, another natural resource, the Aspens, extend to any and all a golden invitation in autumn to come witness one of the reasons the state has been dubbed “Colorful … More The Aspens


There Are Times When Nature Beckons An Irresistible Force Commanding One To Stop For Just A Moment Give Up The Agenda And Choose To Wander Aimlessly Celebrating Life With The Trees

Rocky Mountain Rodents

I’m not a big fan of rodents, and although we did have a pet chinchilla for a time….. …..I really loathe the thought of them scurrying around my house!  However, when they were sighted along the Maroon Pass Trail, it was delightful! This little guy is known as the long-tailed vole.  They are known to … More Rocky Mountain Rodents

West Maroon Trail

One of the most popular trails near Aspen is the West Maroon Trail that leads from Aspen to Crested Butte.  It is an eleven mile trek with a moderate rating.  Kurt and I had done our fair share of hiking that year in the Smokies and felt competent to tackle a challenge.   So, after … More West Maroon Trail