Backyard Hiking

One of the great advantages of our Big Bend rental, The Laughing Horse Retreat, (which I highly recommend) was that the backyard was a hiker’s playground! Each night, after a bit of rest and bite of food, we walked out the door to mingle with Mother Nature yet again!  On the last night, tackling the tallest peak … More Backyard Hiking


Boquillas, Mexico

Walking down the dirt road known as Main Street in Boquillas, I didn’t realize that this tiny community indirectly fell prey to the horrible attacks that happened in America on September 11th, 2001. Before then, it was a bustling little community of about 300 residents whose main source of income came from tourists crossing the … More Boquillas, Mexico

Crossing the Border

It was a thrill a few years ago when our family obtained our passports, making the first steps as international travelers in Niagara Falls, Canada.    Since one of the attractions at Big Bend is a safe access point to Mexico, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to get those passports stamped once again! Unlike Niagara, … More Crossing the Border

Dorgan Sublett Trail

An easy, yet interesting one-ish mile hike that we just happened upon, the Dorgan Sublett Trail shifted our focus from observing nature to learning a bit of park history.  Located on the right about twenty eight miles south on Ross Maxwell Drive, it features an old homestead owned by Albert and Avis Dorgan, a couple … More Dorgan Sublett Trail

Journey to Mexico

Though Mother Nature had constructed a giant wall of her own, on that particular day, at that particular time, I was hell bent on planting my feet on Mexican soil.  All alone, I traipsed across the cool, shallow waters of the Rio Grande, faint memories of stories about Grandma’s childhood in Mexico, actually not too … More Journey to Mexico

Santa Elena Canyon

I was on the phone with my mom a few weeks before our departure to the Big Bend. “Santa Elena Canyon is beautiful!  You should really try to go there!” Well, if it’s good enough for my momma, it’s good enough for me! Located at the end of Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, this 1.7 mile … More Santa Elena Canyon

Chimneys Trail

Day two of our Big Bend adventure took us down Ross Maxwell Scenic Road towards Santa Elena Canyon.  Wanting to enjoy the somewhat cool early morning breeze, we set out on the Chimneys Trail. Located about 13 miles south on Ross Maxwell Scenic Road, the Chimneys Trail is a well marked path that takes hikers … More Chimneys Trail