A tranquil eveningNo headlines to readNo sides to chooseNo waves to navigateNothing on the agendaButCasting out hopeAndReeling in blessing


She timidly opened the door, a little beaten down by adolescence and all that comes with it.  “I just want Kaeleigh to see how beautiful she is,” her grandma explained in a phone conversation prior to her session. All I can say to that is that the camera never lies.


My senses reel at the sight of it:  a high pitched hum coupled with an aroma that would both curl hair and annihilate any rodent within a half mile radius of what was affectionately known as Mrs. Charlene’s Beauty Salon. From sunup to sundown, this petite fireball cut, washed, permed, frosted and colored countless heads … More Beauty

The Familiar

It’s funny how a picture of the familiar will get overlooked time and time again, bypassed by more “showy” images like sunsets, mountains, flowers, waterfalls, or starry nights.  Today, however, I was taken aback by this old friend, who has willingly and faithfully participated in activities such as lawn maintenance, house cleaning, kid soaking, and, … More The Familiar

Mrs. Jo

A few months shy of ten years old when we met, I was a wiggly, energetic youngster who was destined to become her next Beethoven, lured there by my momma’s promise of the newest gadget on the market at that time, a Timex Digital Watch. Anxious about meeting new adults, I slowly opened the door … More Mrs. Jo

Delightful Reflection

As our portrait business has grown, the time we get to spend hiking has decreased.  I don’t see that as a negative, merely, we have traded one form of beauty in Arkansas for another. It has truly been a delight!