Bunker Hill Monument

There is that old saying, “The third time is the charm.”   For us, that is definitely a true statement, when it comes to the Bunker Hill Monument!  On two other visits, we enthusiastically followed the Freedom Trail, trekking from downtown, across the Charleston River Bridge, past lovely green space and some gorgeous old brownstones, until … More Bunker Hill Monument

Passing on the Passion in Downtown Boston

As we have gotten more familiar with the fair city of Boston, the anxiety of navigating an urban area, a multifaceted grouping of diverse neighborhoods joined together by numerous streets, highways, subways, and sidewalks, has begun to wain, thus enabling a more fine tuned exploration and  a discovery of beautiful details such as heart warming … More Passing on the Passion in Downtown Boston

The Statue

Seemingly inert, the alabaster figure captured the attention of many passersby, and to their great fortune, was willing to spring to life,  and, with gentle countenance, allocated proverbial insight for a meager sum.

Fenway Park Tour

It was July 29th, Austin’s 18th birthday.  What better way to celebrate it than with a tour of Fenway Park? The electricity of the previous night had since dwindled, the empty chairs that had been holding bodies for many years eagerly awaiting the next group of fans.  We started here, listening intently as the tour … More Fenway Park Tour

The Red Sox

When we travel to Boston, there’s no doubt that a Red Sox game will be part of the itinerary, and especially on this trip, Sabrina and Austin’s first time to the city.  I was never a huge baseball fan until I stepped foot into Fenway Park! Fenway Park is within walking distance of the Freedom … More The Red Sox