The Beast

He looked fierce, basking in the desert sun. This was his territory; I was trespassing. Every fiber of my being told me to run in the opposite direction, to take cover, and for God’s sake, silence that belabored breathing. I heeded that panicky banter for a moment, or two, or ten, and then, I heard … More The Beast

Salvation Mountain

I blame our trip to Salvation Mountain on Covid. Craving a bit of mountain scenery in the desert (I know, it’s a bit unrealistic), I purposefully chose Palm Springs as a stopping point since it boasted an amazing tramway ride into the San Jacinto Mountains. Unfortunately, the tramway schedule had been abbreviated due to the … More Salvation Mountain

Palm Springs Babies

A Palm Springs detour seemed like a good idea during the planning stages of our California road trip. Portrayed on the internet as an oasis in the desert, this Southern Cali city, with its manicured gardens and arid climate, did not disappoint. Downtown Palm Springs was literally a haven for shoppers, foodies and art lovers. … More Palm Springs Babies