Throwback Thursday – Great Things About The Great Sand Dunes!

When Kurt told me that we were going to stop at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, I really had no expectations.  I knew nothing about it.  After having spent a few hours there, I discovered many wonderful things. Five great things that I now know about the Great Sand Dunes are:  Great Sand Dunes … More Throwback Thursday – Great Things About The Great Sand Dunes!

Crystal Mill

It is known as one of the most photographed places in Colorado. The day we were there, we were joined by several other curious onlookers, a handful of construction workers intent on maintaining the integrity of this 1892 powerhouse, and a grey hoodie. Apparently, one of the workers arrived early that chilly morning donned in … More Crystal Mill

Crystal Mill Trail

The hike to Crystal Mill is nothing short of spectacular!  However, the trail is not really a trail at all… but a five mile gravel road that is rough, single lane (in many areas), and only accessible by four wheel drive vehicles. Located near the town of Marble, Colorado, it was a quiet escape from … More Crystal Mill Trail

The Aspens

Colorado’s natural resources, it’s gorgeous snow capped mountains, draw many to experience the rush of racing down a powdery slope or two during the winter months; however, another natural resource, the Aspens, extend to any and all a golden invitation in autumn to come witness one of the reasons the state has been dubbed “Colorful … More The Aspens