Taking Action

The activities on my list blew the annoying pain off the radar, well, until 2019. My grandmother died in January of that year at the age of 101. My mom had been in Texas at her bedside, and I volunteered to drive Dad across the Lone Star State to the funeral in my beloved Marfa. … More Taking Action

Drive By Photography – Conway Arkansas

Filled with countless hours of downsizing, packing, unpacking, showing, selling, and buying houses, summer was a blur. The pandemic was continuing to hang around Arkansas like humidity in August, so, after a week or so of catching our breath in mid September, we asked ourselves, “Why not do some drive by photography in Conway?” The … More Drive By Photography – Conway Arkansas

Mace’s 16th

Mace was hitting a milestone. He had the hoodie to prove it. Smiling for what he thought was a single Drive By pic… …he expected nothing more than a quiet day, and perhaps a slice of cake. Sometimes life exceeds expectations. Accompanied by music and cheers, a procession made its way down the driveway. Friends … More Mace’s 16th

Pandemic Celebrations

We have had the privilege of capturing wonderful pandemic celebrations in the past few months, a few of which I will share about in the coming days. The thoughtful gestures we witnessed were heartfelt; a colorful stroke of love on an otherwise blank canvas. Madden was celebrating his eleventh birthday, excited about his yard-sized greeting … More Pandemic Celebrations

Lessons in Endurance

I have a tendency to categorize endurance in the physical realm. Being a lifelong runner, this attribute flows like the blood in my veins, a constant facilitator in the always welcomed “runner’s high”. What I’ve come to learn in 2020 is that this virtue can impact much more than my half marathon PR. In terms … More Lessons in Endurance

Drive By Photography

Basking in the warm fuzziness known as the Bear Hunt, Kurt and I got an idea. Why not make our own lemonade? Of course, I’m not talking about that citrusy sweet beverage most coveted in the blazing heat of an Arkansas summer, but what if, just what if, we offered an opportunity to forget about … More Drive By Photography


I’m a sucker for trees. Big trees, small trees, evergreens, deciduous, it doesn’t matter.  I am an equal opportunity tree hugger.   My miniscule front yard boasts an old Southern Magnolia, a redbud and a ginormous crepe myrtle, the trifecta of hardy blooms greeting my gaze towards the heavens.  It’s absolutely delightful. Although there’s not too … More Hope