The Familiar

It’s funny how a picture of the familiar will get overlooked time and time again, bypassed by more “showy” images like sunsets, mountains, flowers, waterfalls, or starry nights.  Today, however, I was taken aback by this old friend, who has willingly and faithfully participated in activities such as lawn maintenance, house cleaning, kid soaking, and, … More The Familiar

National Pet Day!

In honor of National Pet Day, I wanted to post a few beloved furry and feathered friends that have come to The Alley! I think we got a smile out of this little guy! Bandit enjoyed the comfy couch…. ….while others preferred the cool concrete! We never tire of Pretzel and his family! We are … More National Pet Day!

Dave’s First Hike

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and we were headed to the Mt. Nebo State Park.  Wanting to tag along, Dave gave us that look of yearning, as if to say…. “Can I go?  I promise I”ll be good!” Kurt was a bit skeptical.  Actually, we were all a bit skeptical.  We would have to keep … More Dave’s First Hike

Adopting a Pound Puppy

My daughter,  Sabrina, has always been a dog lover. From day one, she was always petting, holding or playing with our then elderly dog.  “Be careful!” we would caution, knowing that our old, cantankerous dachshund didn’t always appreciate amorous children, and, was known, in fact, to nip at little hands as a warning to stop … More Adopting a Pound Puppy