The multitude of changes that transpired in 2020 seemed to quell any inspiration to writing. Navigating Covid restrictions in a business that’s all about human contact, seeking truth in a political environment that’s hell bent on creating division, moving to and renovating a 90 year old stucco, and adjusting to “urban dwelling” (I know, I … More 2020


Valentine’s Day Proposal

We’ve had the honor of getting to know these two quite well.   Roger and Shirree are a kind, and yet tenacious couple whose family always makes us smile.  So when Roger flashed the engagement ring on Valentine’s Day, we were absolutely thrilled! Best wishes for a wonderful future!


As we near the day devoted to love, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down Memory Lane, and enjoy a precious moment that, at the very least, will hopefully precipitate not only a smile, but also a head tilt, followed by a softly uttered, “Awww, how sweet!” Well, that’s what I … More Proposal!!


She timidly opened the door, a little beaten down by adolescence and all that comes with it.  “I just want Kaeleigh to see how beautiful she is,” her grandma explained in a phone conversation prior to her session. All I can say to that is that the camera never lies.

Repurposed Owls – Part II

Last fall, The Alley acquired a permanent patron.  Perched high on a metal beam, guarding this beloved establishment is our friend Kevin’s version of a repurposed owl.  On nights that we are open, he lights up, guarding his territory with intensity.  We have affectionately named him Owl-Lee.

National Pet Day!

In honor of National Pet Day, I wanted to post a few beloved furry and feathered friends that have come to The Alley! I think we got a smile out of this little guy! Bandit enjoyed the comfy couch…. ….while others preferred the cool concrete! We never tire of Pretzel and his family! We are … More National Pet Day!

Delightful Reflection

As our portrait business has grown, the time we get to spend hiking has decreased.  I don’t see that as a negative, merely, we have traded one form of beauty in Arkansas for another. It has truly been a delight!