Senior Photos

We’ve had the privilege and the pleasure of photographing high school seniors in the River Valley, including Taylor, Abigail and Clayton. But undoubtedly, the session that tugged at our heartstrings the most was our own high school senior, Sabrina.  We had been trying for months to set aside some time for this, but it seemed as … More Senior Photos


Practice: Part 2

My neighbors, Mr. Bob and Mrs. Agnes, gave me several iris bulbs some years ago.  It was one of the numerous things that they shared with me, along with plums, tomatoes, strawberries, honey, and even vanilla. To be quite honest, the list seems infinite. More importantly,  we spent precious time most every spring and summer … More Practice: Part 2

Crystal Bridges Trails

There are several trails that wind in and around Crystal Bridges Museum, an effort to showcase not only some amazing sculptures and works of art, such as the one below, but also the beauty of the Ozarks. Two extremely noteworthy pieces were created by Buckminster Fuller and Frank Lloyd Wright, respectively.  I had learned about … More Crystal Bridges Trails