Grandma’s House – Part 2

I have been drawn to return to Grandma’s House over the years as an adult, fortunate enough to share this treasure with both Kurt and the kids.  They took to it like flies to honey, never hesitating at my suggestion to visit. But this last time was a little different. A little over a year … More Grandma’s House – Part 2


El Cosmico Marfa

A unique take on lodging is situated on a parcel of land a stone’s throw away from my grandmother’s house in Marfa, Texas. Many flock to El Cosmico to spend a few nights under the West Texas Sky.   Accommodations include trailers, tents, tepees, and a yurt! In operation since 2009, there are not a … More El Cosmico Marfa

Downtown Marfa, Texas

Strolling down Highland Avenue, aka Main Street, in Marfa, Texas provides a glimpse, a gentle reminder, of the attractiveness of minimalism.   Very little frills are necessary when the bold, beautiful Texas sky is in the background!  

Visiting Prada Marfa

Some folks get a little excited when they finally arrive at Prada Marfa, located about 34 miles west of town on Highway 90. But then, realizing that this sculpture was designed, not for fun, frolic, or levity, but as a serious criticism of western society, namely our materialistic nature, they respectfully put on their game … More Visiting Prada Marfa

Prada Marfa

It was summer 2009, and Mom was pining a visit with her mom, my Grandma Cruzita.  So with Kurt’s blessing, the kids and I joined her, hopping on a plane headed west. The three hour drive from the airport to Grandma’s was fairly uneventful: blue skies,  open, arid ranges, sprinkled with a few lowly antelopes. … More Prada Marfa

Art In Marfa

Growing up in small town Arkansas, I will be the first to admit that my exposure to the fine arts was very limited.  We had a set of encyclopedias (yep, this was waaay before the internet); therefore, well known paintings and sculptures by Michelangelo, Picasso, and the like were at my fingertips.  On occasion, perusing … More Art In Marfa