Sunrise Point

Mount Nebo State Park hosts a myriad of overlooks with fantastic views!  Among them is Sunrise Point, where Kurt and I watched the Super Moon last year.  Far before sunset with clear skies to boot, Sunrise Point offered a clear view of the River Valley, including Dardanelle and even Russellville! I think Dave was even a bit … More Sunrise Point

Dave’s First Hike

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and we were headed to the Mt. Nebo State Park.  Wanting to tag along, Dave gave us that look of yearning, as if to say…. “Can I go?  I promise I”ll be good!” Kurt was a bit skeptical.  Actually, we were all a bit skeptical.  We would have to keep … More Dave’s First Hike

Supermoon Date

Sometimes the best dates are spontaneous, unplanned, with little expectations other than sharing an experience with good company.  Such a date occurred a few months ago, thanks to the supermoon! On the days prior to November 14th, which, according to the folks at NASA, was to be noted as a date when the moon approach was at … More Supermoon Date

Mt. Nebo Rim Trail

It was Mother’s Day, and you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful spring day in Arkansas.  The trails were calling my name. Apparently my children did not hear the call.  Their hiking enthusiasm rated about a negative one that day. Kurt, however, acquiesced, and took me to Mt. Nebo, where we hiked the Rim … More Mt. Nebo Rim Trail

Mt. Nebo Sunset

Mt. Nebo is my retreat spot.  Located on State Highway 155 west of Dardanelle, it’s less than twenty miles from my house.  If I need a good dose of peace and tranquility, and have a couple of hours to spare, automatically Mt. Nebo State Park comes to mind. One sunny winter day in 2014, Mt. … More Mt. Nebo Sunset