Sunrise Point

Mount Nebo State Park hosts a myriad of overlooks with fantastic views!  Among them is Sunrise Point, where Kurt and I watched the Super Moon last year.  Far before sunset with clear skies to boot, Sunrise Point offered a clear view of the River Valley, including Dardanelle and even Russellville! I think Dave was even a bit … More Sunrise Point

Dave’s First Hike

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and we were headed to the Mt. Nebo State Park.  Wanting to tag along, Dave gave us that look of yearning, as if to say…. “Can I go?  I promise I”ll be good!” Kurt was a bit skeptical.  Actually, we were all a bit skeptical.  We would have to keep … More Dave’s First Hike

Supermoon Date

Sometimes the best dates are spontaneous, unplanned, with little expectations other than sharing an experience with good company.  Such a date occurred a few months ago, thanks to the supermoon! On the days prior to November 14th, which, according to the folks at NASA, was to be noted as a date when the moon approach was at … More Supermoon Date

Mt. Nebo Rim Trail

It was Mother’s Day, and you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful spring day in Arkansas.  The trails were calling my name. Apparently my children did not hear the call.  Their hiking enthusiasm rated about a negative one that day. Kurt, however, acquiesced, and took me to Mt. Nebo, where we hiked the Rim … More Mt. Nebo Rim Trail