Sitting in silence, save the desperate cries of  a nearby infant needing a bit of reassurance from his mother, I was prepared to listen to a discussion of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, since we had purposefully congregated on that sleepy New Year’s morning in her honor.  But Father Mauricio had other things in mind. … More Resolute

A Look Forward

      Another year is over Time to take a moment or two Evaluate this journey Where I stumbled and where I flew Did I always act with kindness And carry myself with grace Did I greet every person With a smile on my face? Did I break down old walls And truly forgive … More A Look Forward

Head to the Water!

In my opinion, a New Year’s resolution should have two main characteristics. The commitment made should be easy to keep.  If the goal is unrealistic, in the coming days and weeks, the task may seem too daunting, and the desire to quit may overshadow all good intentions. Additionally, one should experience beneficial effects of said … More Head to the Water!

Hike More, Worry Less

As the New Year rolls around… social media is abuzz with the big question, “What’s your resolution for 2016?” I’ve never been one to make resolutions on January 1, though I have been led to adopt new habits and attitudes throughout the years.  And really, what is a resolution? states that a resolution is the … More Hike More, Worry Less