Oakes Garden Theater

In the midst (and mist) of the hustle and bustle of Niagara, lies a quiet oasis.  So quiet, in fact, that we literally stumbled upon it, following an intricately patterned  sidewalk flanked by manicured shrubbery. The cheerful colors were a delight to the senses, seemingly extending a cordial invitation to enter an area we soon … More Oakes Garden Theater

The Rose

If the rose puzzled its mind over the question how it grew, it would not have been the miracle that it is.    -J. B. Yeats

Queen Victoria Park

Being a flower fanatic, my attention was easily diverted from the amazing, powerful natural wonders that flank the U.S./Canadian border, to the cornucopia of color found at Queen Victoria Park. Located on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, directly across the street from the viewing area walkway, Queen Victoria Park is teeming with a myriad … More Queen Victoria Park


As night draws near, excitement builds at Niagara Falls!  Beginning on June 14th and running through the summer months, visitors are captivated by a colorful illumination of the falls… …which is followed by a spectacular fireworks display! The show begins at 10:00; however, in order to get next to the railing for good pictures, it … More Fireworks!

Niagara at Night

The streets come alive in downtown Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  While I usually turn into a pumpkin around the 9:00 hour, I was readily invigorated by the sights and sounds of this city that undeniably caters to a tourist’s every whim!

2018 Highlighs – Part 3

Vibrant colors were abundant in 2018!  Some favorites included the firework display at Niagara Falls! We sat awhile, taking in the Utah desert browns coupled with the sky’s blues! There’s no denying that Autumn 2018 in the Ozarks could hold it’s own to any worldwide landscape!  (But maybe I’m a bit partial!)