Throwback Thursday – Hunt’s Loop Trail at Iron Springs

It started out as a cool morning in July.  Kurt decided to take advantage of this rare summer occurrence in Arkansas, and asked Austin to join him.  Wanting to explore something different, they chose the Ouachitas, namely the Hunt’s Loop Trail at Iron Springs. We had actually been there a few years before, stopping briefly … More Throwback Thursday – Hunt’s Loop Trail at Iron Springs

New Year’s Hike

Rising early to capture the sunrise of the first day of 2016 was on Kurt’s list of things to do.  “Would you like to join me in climbing Forked Mountain before dawn?”  he asked Austin. “Sure,” Austin replied, not fully realizing what exactly was entailed. Forked Mountain, part of the Flatside Wilderness area of the Ouachita … More New Year’s Hike

Flatside Pinnacle

It was a glorious Saturday in June.  Mother Nature had yet to crank up the nasty Arkansas heat and humidity, and I wanted to explore something other than the Ozarks.  Luckily, the Ouchitas lie just south of Russellville. Now the important question was, “Where do we start?”. After perusing our handy dandy Tim Ernst guide, … More Flatside Pinnacle

Flatside Wilderness – Forked Mountain

Before retiring one Friday night in January, Kurt announced that he was going to get up before the chickens and head to Forked Mountain in the Flatside Wilderness Area of the Ouachita National Forest. “I’ve heard the sunrises there are spectacular!” Spectacular or not, I was a little worried.  True, Forked Mountain, near the Hollis … More Flatside Wilderness – Forked Mountain