I’m not sure how the rest of the world deals with things, but after I received my diagnosis, when it came to telling others, I tried to keep this little tidbit on the DL. I didn’t want to be the fodder for gossip, I didn’t want any sympathy, and, God forbid, I definitely needed no … More Trajectory


It was June 2021, and, to my surprise, this journey had just begun in spite of the fact that I had met more folks in the medical field that year than I had in the previous 50+ years. So, after walking into numerous doctor’s offices, undergoing three hellish MRIs, working with two different physical therapists … More Diagnosis

A Quest

To say that my hand tremors were put on the back burner in 2020 is an understatement. We tried to navigate the long, arid desert of the Covid Pandemic to the best of our abilities. Feasting on homemade bread, hugging our dogs a bit closer, reading copious amounts of fiction, and driving around neighborhoods, capturing … More A Quest

Taking Action

The activities on my list blew the annoying pain off the radar, well, until 2019. My grandmother died in January of that year at the age of 101. My mom had been in Texas at her bedside, and I volunteered to drive Dad across the Lone Star State to the funeral in my beloved Marfa. … More Taking Action

Where Do I Begin?

It was Saturday, a beautiful fall morning in 2017, a morning to enjoy the trees, chrysanthemums, pumpkins and scarecrows that adorned most houses I passed by on my leisurely weekend runs. Attempting to roll out of bed, a searing pain that traversed from the left shoulder midway down my back hit me like a ton … More Where Do I Begin?


April has always been a month I looked forward to. The greyness of winter transforms to a myriad of greens, yellows, pinks, and purples as the temps begin to rise and the sun decides to keep me company practically until my bedtime. More importantly, two of my favorite people celebrate birthdays in April. To say … More Parkinson’s