It has been a hot minute since my diagnosis, several hot minutes. Hot minutes to feel all of the feels, but also hot minutes to learn a thing or two that I thought worthy to pass along. 2. Move! Exercise, no matter what form, is paramount in combatting the progression. For me, running, biking using … More Lessons

The Power of a Hug

Early Friday mornings are reserved for Daddy/Dave bonding time. My duties as morning dog walker are relieved each Friday so that Dave can demonstrate to his male person that he has adequately kept Conway Junior High free of any squirrel, rabbit or cat (especially cat) shenanigans and tomfoolery. While they peruse the area, I jump … More The Power of a Hug


As previously stated, I had a date with Jesus. Not to get too “churchy”, but I think this needs an explanation. In the Catholic Church, we believe in the Divine Presence of the Bread and Wine, i.e., the bread, or little white hosts, and wine become Jesus’s body and blood in a miraculous event known … More Guidance