Claps of ThunderWhistling WindRustling LeavesThe Crunch of Snow A Cat’s PurrA Cricket’s ChirpA Bird’s SongBuzzing Bees A Musician’s AriaA Cantor’s PsalmA Brush on CanvasA Camera’s Click Passionate KissesLaughterAndDancingYour Whisper in My EarIsThe Sound of Heaven Touching Earth


Unheralded Grace

A moment of pause A lack of reaction An hour of focus A lack of distraction A mind filled with wonder A lack of dreariness A body filled with energy A lack of weariness A present filled with love A lack of disdain A past filled with forgiveness A lack of pain A heart filled … More Unheralded Grace

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful, so thankful For small gifts that come my way Encouraging me to live In the moment, in today. Like a radiant smile Or words of affirmation A great story imparting wisdom An uplifting conversation. I’m thankful, so thankful For abundant beauty,¬†inside and out Reveling in its¬†many forms Is what life is all about. … More Happy Thanksgiving!

The Rock

Like a stagnant stone Sinking deep in the mire She settled into mediocrity Cold Clammy Murky The grey haze stirred By passersby Blinding the already blind And yet The Mire It was soft It was safe And yet It was so cold It was so clammy And so so murky A desperate child Craving a … More The Rock

The Big Picture

Problems can hover A tunnel with no light Anxiety increases No end in sight Grim thoughts Those menacing pests Haunt the psyche And hamper rest Caught in the minutiae A weight on the soul So little promise So little control But part of the human condition Is the desire to survive To do more than … More The Big Picture