Repurposed Owls – Part II

Last fall, The Alley acquired a permanent patron.  Perched high on a metal beam, guarding this beloved establishment is our friend Kevin’s version of a repurposed owl.  On nights that we are open, he lights up, guarding his territory with intensity.  We have affectionately named him Owl-Lee.

Repurposed Owl

No, an actual owl was not repurposed, but some talented individual saw several items destined to be discarded and gave them a new identity.  This seems to be a new trend in and around my neck of the woods.  I often marvel at the ingenuity of these folks!

The Roadrunner

New Mexico loves the roadrunner.  The residents, and more importantly, the powers that be loved it so much that, way back in 1949, it was adopted as the state bird. So it would be natural to assume that one might find relics throughout the state that pay homage to this quirky, yet interesting feathered friend. … More The Roadrunner