Seligman Arizona

The town was empty, as was our tank, but anticipation overflowed as we cruised down Route 66. Like many of its neighbors, Seligman is a town with character. Character was definitely abundant in the Rusty Bolt. Drawn by the icons that flanked the second floor, we took the bait and crossed the threshold. The woman … More Seligman Arizona


The Watchman

With AmbitionAnd ExhibitionThe WatchmanExecutes his commission The World SettingOn Broad ShouldersHe’s RepleteWith MissionTo Seek The GeekThe FreakThe ChicUsing AttractionOr DistractionHe Draws in A FactionWith MotivationAnd FascinationWithout HesitationCompensationTranspiresAs the tillInside AcquiresBills or PlasticFor BaublesAnd Beads100% GuaranteedTo ExceedEvery Desire.