Santa Elena Canyon

I was on the phone with my mom a few weeks before our departure to the Big Bend. “Santa Elena Canyon is beautiful!  You should really try to go there!” Well, if it’s good enough for my momma, it’s good enough for me! Located at the end of Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, this 1.7 mile … More Santa Elena Canyon


Chimneys Trail

Day two of our Big Bend adventure took us down Ross Maxwell Scenic Road towards Santa Elena Canyon.  Wanting to enjoy the somewhat cool early morning breeze, we set out on the Chimneys Trail. Located about 13 miles south on Ross Maxwell Scenic Road, the Chimneys Trail is a well marked path that takes hikers … More Chimneys Trail

Closed Canyon Trail at Big Bend Ranch State Park

A very short, yet interesting trail lies about four miles west of the Hoodoos Trail:  the Closed Canyon Trail. It’s namesake is well earned as hikers will discover since the vast majority of the 1.4 mile round-trip trek takes them through a very narrow canyon! It was unseasonably hot that day in March, and yet, … More Closed Canyon Trail at Big Bend Ranch State Park

Prada Marfa

It was summer 2009, and Mom was pining a visit with her mom, my Grandma Cruzita.  So with Kurt’s blessing, the kids and I joined her, hopping on a plane headed west. The three hour drive from the airport to Grandma’s was fairly uneventful: blue skies,  open, arid ranges, sprinkled with a few lowly antelopes. … More Prada Marfa

Art In Marfa

Growing up in small town Arkansas, I will be the first to admit that my exposure to the fine arts was very limited.  We had a set of encyclopedias (yep, this was waaay before the internet); therefore, well known paintings and sculptures by Michelangelo, Picasso, and the like were at my fingertips.  On occasion, perusing … More Art In Marfa