Prada Marfa

It was summer 2009, and Mom was pining a visit with her mom, my Grandma Cruzita.  So with Kurt’s blessing, the kids and I joined her, hopping on a plane headed west. The three hour drive from the airport to Grandma’s was fairly uneventful: blue skies,  open, arid ranges, sprinkled with a few lowly antelopes. … More Prada Marfa


Art In Marfa

Growing up in small town Arkansas, I will be the first to admit that my exposure to the fine arts was very limited.  We had a set of encyclopedias (yep, this was waaay before the internet); therefore, well known paintings and sculptures by Michelangelo, Picasso, and the like were at my fingertips.  On occasion, perusing … More Art In Marfa

Marfa Mystery Lights

Spending Christmases in Marfa growing up, one would think that I would have been privy to information on one of the draws of this tiny Texas town:  the Marfa Mystery Lights. However, it was a subject that didn’t come up at the Zubiate dining table, that is, until Kurt began sharing meals there. But, once … More Marfa Mystery Lights

The Cadillac Ranch

Kurt and I have really enjoyed the road trips we have taken over the years.  In the late summer of 2014, he planned one.  We were headed west, and our first stop along the way was the Cadillac Ranch. Just west of Amarillo, the Cadillac Ranch has been a roadside attraction for more than forty … More The Cadillac Ranch