The Glory Hole

Spring 2017 gifted the River Valley with an abundance of rain, perfect for those interested in waterfall hunting. After a bit of recollecting, we realized that five years had passed since our trek down the Glory Hole Trail. That’s far too long. So late one Sunday afternoon in April, Kurt and I bade the kids … More The Glory Hole

Throw Back Thursday – Arkansas: A Well Kept Secret!

When we travel out of state, Kurt and I are always open to friendly dialogue with the locals or other fellow travelers.  “Where are you from?”  They ask. Kurt replies with a grin on his face, “Arkansas.” Usually the response is a half-hearted, yet polite, “Oh.”, or some reference to Bill Clinton. However, as the … More Throw Back Thursday – Arkansas: A Well Kept Secret!

The Glory Hole Trail

Kurt returned home after his visit to the Glory Hole as excited as a kid in a candy store. “You’ve got to see this place,”  he exclaimed during dinner, “let’s go next week!” So, the following Saturday, we loaded up the kids, and headed north. The drive there was picturesque.  The trees were finally getting … More The Glory Hole Trail

The Glory Hole

One early spring morning a few years ago, Kurt left the house for, of course, a waterfall.  It wasn’t just any old ordinary, run of the mill waterfall, but the ever popular and incredibly unique Glory Hole. What makes it so unique is that the sheer force of Dismal Creek has bored a hole into an … More The Glory Hole

Head to the Water!

In my opinion, a New Year’s resolution should have two main characteristics. The commitment made should be easy to keep.  If the goal is unrealistic, in the coming days and weeks, the task may seem too daunting, and the desire to quit may overshadow all good intentions. Additionally, one should experience beneficial effects of said … More Head to the Water!