Valentine’s Day Proposal

We’ve had the honor of getting to know these two quite well.   Roger and Shirree are a kind, and yet tenacious couple whose family always makes us smile.  So when Roger flashed the engagement ring on Valentine’s Day, we were absolutely thrilled! Best wishes for a wonderful future!


As we near the day devoted to love, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down Memory Lane, and enjoy a precious moment that, at the very least, will hopefully precipitate not only a smile, but also a head tilt, followed by a softly uttered, “Awww, how sweet!” Well, that’s what I … More Proposal!!

Happy Hug Day!

The rules for Hug Day do not limit the “hugger” to his/her main squeeze…. …feel free to spread the love to grandparents… …and even your best friend!

Happy Promise Day!

On Promise Day get creative!  I offer a few suggestions below… I promise to always make room for you. I promise to be your biggest cheerleader! I promise to keep focused on the positive….. ….and to keep you smiling even on those rainy days! I promise to treat you like royalty! And if you need … More Happy Promise Day!

Happy Chocolate Day! – A Chocolate Cake Story

His mouth was watering as they cut into the Groom’s Cake. “Sorry.  We can’t eat yet.  They want us in the receiving line.” Wanting nothing more than to please his bride, and to not appear gluttonous, he acquiesced, shaking countless hands, hands of total strangers extending well wishes, and yet, all the time thinking, “There’s … More Happy Chocolate Day! – A Chocolate Cake Story

Happy Propose Day!

Day two of Valentine’s Week has been dubbed Propose Day, a day to gather a heaping dose of courage and express those bottled up feelings of affection, perhaps even going so far as to pop the question. We’ve had several proposals in The Alley, (100% positive responses!), and will always welcome and feel honored to … More Happy Propose Day!

Happy Rose Day!

Until yesterday, I didn’t realize that Valentine’s Week actually existed.  Obviously, somewhere in between the junk mail and e-statements, a very important memo was overlooked. Most everyone I know appreciates expressions of love, but sometimes it’s really difficult to know exactly how to do so.  That’s where Valentine’s Week, the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, … More Happy Rose Day!

Alley Fun – Valentine’s Day and Kids

We love kids in the Alley, and plenty showed up for Valentine’s Day Pictures! Some were very excited to spend time with us! Others, however, just couldn’t seem to muster any enthusiasm for Russellville’s Smallest Vacant Lot! Many big brothers and sisters took their responsibility as such very seriously! Some were a bit more relaxed! … More Alley Fun – Valentine’s Day and Kids