Wedding in the Alley – Instructions and Advice

It was a chilly December night.  The streets were fairly quiet, but there was an exciting  buzz in the air on B Street. Hannah and Aran were getting married in The Alley! The flower girls were given some final instructions. Walk slowly.  Smile.  Don’t trip on your dress! What a tall order for two little … More Wedding in the Alley – Instructions and Advice

The Wedding

On a bright day in January They embarked on an endeavor Today would mark the beginning Of a new forever There was a buzz in the air As preparations were completed Put up the dog, decorate the cake Greet the guests; help them get seated! But in spite of the frenzy There was happiness in the air Laughter … More The Wedding

A Blessed Event

It was a frosty day outside, with temperatures hovering well below freezing; however, the love and joy emanating from the Armstrong home was more than enough to warm the hearts of all who attended. Amanda’s daughters, the bridesmaids, were absolutely stunning! We were all deeply moved as the bride made her way ….. …to the … More A Blessed Event

Wedding Attire

With everything in place…. ..the next task at hand was putting on attire worthy of such an event. Jimmy slipped on his suit with ease! Amanda needed a little help from her daughters… …and friends! We all took part in helping her decide the ultimate question:  What shoes should I wear?  And though it took a … More Wedding Attire