Taking the Train

His family immigrated to the United States, fleeing violence caused by the Mexican Revolution. Born in 1912 in a cave on this side of the Texas border, my grandfather, Sixto Zubiate, was a confident, industrious man who seemingly responded to adversity as an opportunity for growth. With little more than a fourth grade education and … More Taking the Train


West Texas Sunrise

At the break of day Night’s chill retreats The stars retire Their job complete At the break of day The sun peeks Darkness fades Hope speaks At the break of day The natives arise To experience the wonder Of a Texas Sunrise

Elephant Rock

A unique formation lies north of Shafter, Texas on US 67.  There, perched on a hill in a sparse field littered with a few rocks, yucca and tumbleweed, is the Elephant Rock. Separated from humans by a barbed wire fence, it spends each day keeping watch over the Chihuahuan Desert, ensuring peace and tranquility for … More Elephant Rock