2022 Calendar – Part 1

One of my favorite December traditions is creating our calendar for the next year. We’re a little old school around these parts, and, although we utilize the scheduling technology offered to us on our phones and computers, there still exists a compulsion in us (or maybe just me) to pen appointments, deadlines and celebrations in a tiny box found beneath a photographic memoir taken on or near that particular month of the prior year.

Due to the pandemic and an ailing senior dog, our travels were cut short, so a majority of the images that made the cut for the 2022 calendar were from a road trip out west. (I hope to blog about that trip in the coming weeks.) We did embark on a few Arkansas day trips, and those photos, as always, did not disappoint.

Cover Photo – Cool Globe at the Clinton Library

January – Snow Day in Conway

February – Butterfly at Wooly Hollow

March – First Glance at the Vogel Schwartz Garden


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