My senses reel at the sight of it:  a high pitched hum coupled with an aroma that would both curl hair and annihilate any rodent within a half mile radius of what was affectionately known as Mrs. Charlene’s Beauty Salon. From sunup to sundown, this petite fireball cut, washed, permed, frosted and colored countless heads … More Beauty


In the tender compassion of our God, the dawn from on high shall break upon us… – from the Canticle of Zechariah Luke 1:78

Making A Mark

I’ve contemplated this photo for some time, allowing myself to dive into a sea of gratitude for all those jewels of wisdom that have made a mark in my life, words that have shaped my thoughts and actions hopefully in a positive way.  A few of my favorites are listed below. “When we get to … More Making A Mark

Repurposed Owls – Part II

Last fall, The Alley acquired a permanent patron.  Perched high on a metal beam, guarding this beloved establishment is our friend Kevin’s version of a repurposed owl.  On nights that we are open, he lights up, guarding his territory with intensity.  We have affectionately named him Owl-Lee.

Repurposed Owl

No, an actual owl was not repurposed, but some talented individual saw several items destined to be discarded and gave them a new identity.  This seems to be a new trend in and around my neck of the woods.  I often marvel at the ingenuity of these folks!


Kurt recently added Lightroom to my computer, gifting me the opportunity to play with my photos.  Though he prefers black and white, I tend to migrate to color; therefore, I was absolutely giddy when I came upon this image, taken at a Northwest Arkansas craft/antique fair a few years ago, a delightful reflection that generates … More Playing

The Familiar

It’s funny how a picture of the familiar will get overlooked time and time again, bypassed by more “showy” images like sunsets, mountains, flowers, waterfalls, or starry nights.  Today, however, I was taken aback by this old friend, who has willingly and faithfully participated in activities such as lawn maintenance, house cleaning, kid soaking, and, … More The Familiar