The Big Picture

Problems can hover A tunnel with no light Anxiety increases No end in sight Grim thoughts Those menacing pests Haunt the psyche And hamper rest Caught in the minutiae A weight on the soul So little promise So little control But part of the human condition Is the desire to survive To do more than … More The Big Picture

Sunrise Point

Mount Nebo State Park hosts a myriad of overlooks with fantastic views!  Among them is Sunrise Point, where Kurt and I watched the Super Moon last year.  Far before sunset with clear skies to boot, Sunrise Point offered a clear view of the River Valley, including Dardanelle and even Russellville! I think Dave was even a bit … More Sunrise Point

Dave’s First Hike

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and we were headed to the Mt. Nebo State Park.  Wanting to tag along, Dave gave us that look of yearning, as if to say…. “Can I go?  I promise I”ll be good!” Kurt was a bit skeptical.  Actually, we were all a bit skeptical.  We would have to keep … More Dave’s First Hike

Phases of the Eclipse

Though the totality of the solar eclipse was a mere  2 minutes and 42 seconds, we planted our feet in the soil of Hopkinsville, Kentucky for a little over nine hours.  And while I spent that time shooting the breeze with fellow pilgrims and reading an all consuming paperback under the shade of  the rear … More Phases of the Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

It was close to 1:00 p.m.  The crowd had been gathering since before dawn.  We lucked out at 6:00 a.m., finding a nearly empty parking lot mere steps from the historic downtown. I really didn’t know what to expect.  I had never witnessed an event like this before.  However, in a summer where controversy had … More Solar Eclipse