Valentine’s Day Proposal

We’ve had the honor of getting to know these two quite well.   Roger and Shirree are a kind, and yet tenacious couple whose family always makes us smile.  So when Roger flashed the engagement ring on Valentine’s Day, we were absolutely thrilled! Best wishes for a wonderful future!


As we near the day devoted to love, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down Memory Lane, and enjoy a precious moment that, at the very least, will hopefully precipitate not only a smile, but also a head tilt, followed by a softly uttered, “Awww, how sweet!” Well, that’s what I … More Proposal!!

Washington County Courthouse – Greenville Mississippi

It can easily be said that courthouses, for the most part, fail to be havens of joviality on the inside; however, their ornate exteriors compensate, drawing many, including ourselves, to stop and admire the remarkable architectural designs proudly displayed in downtown county seats all over the country. The Washington County Courthouse in Greenville, Mississippi is … More Washington County Courthouse – Greenville Mississippi

Beauty in the Delta

Whoever said there is no beauty in the Arkansas Delta has never beholden a sun-kissed field on a early September morning…. …or watched in awe as the day comes to a close…. making room for a multitude of stars! Images such as these are abundant at Lake Chicot State Park, home of the largest natural … More Beauty in the Delta

One Way

On a sultry summer night, jockeying for attention among Beale Street’s bright lights, blaring guitars and free flowing liquor, for a moment, she captivated my attention.  Was seed planting possible in this den of distraction?  Instead of pity, I felt admiration for this young evangelist, hoping that, if nothing else, this experience would transform her … More One Way


Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy.” Fred De Witt Van Amburgh We were a bit puzzled at the request to go to Dardanelle to photograph a swing at the school playground.  After hearing the story, it made perfect sense! Bounding into his truck, her face aglow … More Gratitude


Sitting in silence, save the desperate cries of  a nearby infant needing a bit of reassurance from his mother, I was prepared to listen to a discussion of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, since we had purposefully congregated on that sleepy New Year’s morning in her honor.  But Father Mauricio had other things in mind. … More Resolute

Arkansas Fall Foliage

With cooling temperatures and ample rain, spectacular colors are expected in The Natural State in the coming weeks.  According to, Colors are starting to show in Northwest Arkansas with sightings of bright red leaves at Mount Magazine State Park. Further south, color changes on trees are still minimal but should improve by next week. … More Arkansas Fall Foliage

Tunnel Mountain Summit

Walking distance from downtown Banff, a spectacular view awaits those who ascend the 2.25 km Tunnel Mountain Trail.  Located on Tunnel Mountain Drive in Banff, the path, wide and well marked, consists of a series of switchbacks, which, although it does continually slope upward, should be manageable for all levels of fitness. Sore muscles and … More Tunnel Mountain Summit