Garden of the Gods

After the whirlwind tour of Kansas, we finally arrived in Colorado Springs late that night.  Sleeping in the next morning was not an option; there were places to see and things to do.  The first on our list was yet another National Natural Landmark:  The Garden of the Gods. Spanning more than 1,300 acres, this … More Garden of the Gods

Monument Rocks Kansas

The afternoon was fading into dusk, but Kurt still had one more Kansas detour in mind: Monument Rocks.  Located twenty five miles south of Oakley, these chalk rock formations are designated as a National Natural Landmark.  Also known as the Chalk Pyramids, they are located on private property; fortunately, the landowners allow all interested to … More Monument Rocks Kansas

Wilson, Kansas

Roadside America has proven to be a great resource for unique places to stop, stretch our legs and experience novelty at its finest, adding an interesting flair to the majority of our road trips.  So when the website rated Wilson, Kansas ,”Worth the Detour”, we decided to take exit 206 and drive two miles south to … More Wilson, Kansas

The Old House

  Normally A Barren Field In The Middle Of Kansas Would Fail To Capture The Attention Of Passersby However When The Field Has Maintained Something That Looks Like A Story…   Highway 4 Travelers Are Compelled To Abolish The Itinerary Taking Time For A Brief Tromp Through Crunchy Terrain In Hopes Of Uncovering A Juicy Narrative … More The Old House

The Solar Eclipse

About a year ago, Kurt informed me that he would be making plans for the weekend of our 29th wedding anniversary, August 20-21, 2017.  My ears perked up, and a bright smile crept across my face as I remembered the last trip that he planned, an adventure in Aspen, Colorado! My mind started racing as … More The Solar Eclipse