It was 5:08. In the morning. Like clockwork, Dave had jumped in the bed an hour earlier, just to make sure, I surmise, that I hadn’t forgotten about him and our sacred walk time which always begins promptly at 5:15.  After stumbling around in the dark searching for a pair of socks, I made my … More Smile

On Moving

Moving to a new home, a much smaller home, after 21 years, provided us the perfect opportunity to downsize.  Letting go of my stuff – clothes, momentos, chachkies, knickknacks, do-hickies, and dust filled time saving devices – was a painstaking process. “Trimming the Fat” is not for the faint of heart! Let’s face it, I … More On Moving


There are some constants in this upside down state of being known as 2020.  Perhaps some of the most vital fall into the pet category. In fact, in spite of plummeting sales in many sectors, the percentage of pet adoptions has actually increased since the onset of the Stay at Home Orders that many of … More Pets


It’s hard these days to even consider the possibility of harnessing good luck, due to the fact that life, as we know it, has drastically changed. Comings and goings are clouded with an air of caution; tension, a familiar, yet unwelcome guest, pervades.   Because I have been given the wherewithal to prevail when faced with … More Luck


I’m a sucker for trees. Big trees, small trees, evergreens, deciduous, it doesn’t matter.  I am an equal opportunity tree hugger.   My miniscule front yard boasts an old Southern Magnolia, a redbud and a ginormous crepe myrtle, the trifecta of hardy blooms greeting my gaze towards the heavens.  It’s absolutely delightful. Although there’s not too … More Hope

Valentine’s Day Proposal

We’ve had the honor of getting to know these two quite well.   Roger and Shirree are a kind, and yet tenacious couple whose family always makes us smile.  So when Roger flashed the engagement ring on Valentine’s Day, we were absolutely thrilled! Best wishes for a wonderful future!


As we near the day devoted to love, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down Memory Lane, and enjoy a precious moment that, at the very least, will hopefully precipitate not only a smile, but also a head tilt, followed by a softly uttered, “Awww, how sweet!” Well, that’s what I … More Proposal!!

Washington County Courthouse – Greenville Mississippi

It can easily be said that courthouses, for the most part, fail to be havens of joviality on the inside; however, their ornate exteriors compensate, drawing many, including ourselves, to stop and admire the remarkable architectural designs proudly displayed in downtown county seats all over the country. The Washington County Courthouse in Greenville, Mississippi is … More Washington County Courthouse – Greenville Mississippi