Delicate Arch Revisited

One fantastic thing about hiking is that during a revisit, one has the opportunity to not only reconnect, but also to discover new wonders, both natural and possibly even historical, thus gaining a greater appreciation for the area.  With its abundant attractions, this was bound to occur at Arches National Park.

To our great fortune, this indeed did happen on our second trek to Delicate Arch.  The 3 mile round-trip hike was exactly as we remembered, a steep uphill climb, the reward being a breathtaking view and a wonderful photo op!


On the descent, not too far from the parking lot, we noticed a fork in the trail, the sign indicating “Petroglyphs”.  Kurt and I had seen petroglyphs, images carved into rock, in New Mexico.  I was excited to compare the two sites, noting similarities and differences between the Jornada Mogollon (created in New Mexico around 900 A.D.)


and the Ute Indian (created in Utah between 1650 and 1850).


Perhaps the difference is simply one person’s “script” versus another, but, no matter the case, I found it to be absolutely fascinating, and thus, with a bit of awe and gratitude, finished this “re-trek” with a spring in my step!


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